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Calf First Promise

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What Does It Mean To Truly Thrive?

In our modern world, with all of the amenities and technology, it should be easy to live and feel your best everyday, right? Not always.

The problem lies in the excess of everyday toxins (from chemicals in skin products to air pollutants), allergens, and bacteria that can take a toll on your body. This commonly leads to an increase in the risk for infection and a decline in gut health.

But nature is very old — and very wise — and has provided us with (almost) everything we need to heal. Among them is one of its best kept secrets that has been right in front of us all this time.

You guessed it: Colostrum.

We believe you deserve exceptional health.

Health For The Whole Family

From infancy to old age, every* unique body can benefit from the restorative powers of colostrum.

Strengthen immune system

Decrease gut permeability

Speed up muscle repair

Support cell regeneration

*Bovine colostrum is not recommended for people with milk allergies

Bovine Colostrum:
Nature’s Gift Of Health



relating to or affecting cattle.

Mammals produce colostrum to establish a healthy immune system for their newborns in their first few days of life. The incredible thing is, the health benefits of cow colostrum can help people of all ages live a more vibrant life!

Feel absolutely wonderful, thanks to one of nature’s greatest gifts: bovine colostrum.

Whether you’re wanting to support and maintain a healthy gut or strengthen your immune system, bovine colostrum is here for it.

WonderCow Colostrum helps provide your body with what it needs for self-defense — so you can free up energy to do what matters most to you in life!

A Calf-First Promise

Cows produce much more colostrum than their calves can consume. We make sure that the farmers we partner with only ever gather colostrum after the newborn calves get what they need. The extra colostrum that’s collected is what makes up WonderCow Colostrum supplements.

Our Products Are Always


Made in the USA


Free of Additives


Free of Antibiotics


Gluten Free


GMP Certified


Third Party Tested


Low-Temp Processed

Start Feeling Wonderful Again

Colostrum supplements to supercharge your everyday routine

1. Buy Colostrum Powder

Invest in your health the natural way.

2. Use Colostrum Regularly

Simply mix into water, milk, yogurt, or blend in a smoothie!

3. Notice The Difference

Drink daily to feel your best with colostrum’s whole-body benefits.

Real Results

Support For Your Body & Mind

Bovine colostrum contains hundreds of bioactive compounds and nutrients that play an important role in achieving truly wonderful health.

Which is why WonderCow is dedicated to sourcing and processing Colostrum Powder in a way that retains as many of these important nutrients as possible. 

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These antibodies are like calling in the cavalry to help your immune system’s first responders ward off invaders. They bind to pathogens, toxins, and allergens and neutralize the threat. You want to make sure you have a lot of immunoglobulins (such as IgA and IgG) on your side when you need them.


Lactoferrin induces multiple valuable biological effects, including iron absorption, immune modulation, enhancement of antimicrobial activity, and increasing the growth of epithelial cells (which are the first line of defense) in the gut.

Growth Factors
Want to stay looking younger, build muscle, and recover from activity faster? Growth factors promote cellular regeneration and tissue repair that help you do exactly that. The great news is that colostrum is jam-packed with growth factors!
Bovine Milk Oligosaccharides

These prebiotics are incredibly beneficial for building gut health. Specifically, these prebiotics are a favorite food for the (good) bacteria species in the gut microbiome. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, to be specific, among others.

Proline-Rich Peptides (PRP)

Proline peptides are amino acids produced naturally in our body. These peptides are also known as “signaling peptides” because they have the unique ability to control the immune system—increasing and decreasing our body’s immune activity as needed. When a pathogen is detected, PRPs are one of the primary signals to be sent out in order to mobilize our immune cells to defend and protect our body.

Sialic Acid

Sialic acids are important sugar molecules found throughout cells in the body. Don’t worry, these sugars won’t spike your blood sugar. Instead, sialic acid plays an important role in cell-to-cell interaction and helps the entire body transmit necessary information. It would also make sense that newborns need an abundance of this vital molecule because it’s an essential nutrient for brain development and function. So much so, that most sialic acid can be found in the brain!

And so much more!

The Wonder Of Cows

We’re California dairy farmers and we really love our cows. To be fair, our whole world pretty much revolves around them. We constantly consider how comfortable they are, that they live a stress-free life, and make sure they get the optimal nutrition they deserve.

If it’s sounding like we treat our dairy cows as part of our family, you’re absolutely right!

They provide so much for us, and we want to give them the best life possible in return.

Which is why when we set out to create WonderCow, we wanted to make sure the dairy farmers we were sourcing from had the same values and heart for these lovable creatures as we do. It’s equally important that these farmers are working toward the same sustainability and climate goals as we are on our own farm.

And that’s our promise: WonderCow is working hard to help dairy farmers achieve climate nutrality while also treating cows ethically, humanely, and giving them everything they need to thrive in their environment.

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