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How is WonderCow Colostrum tested?

WonderCow adheres to GMP regulations: Good Manufacturing Processes. These regulations, enforced by law, require that manufacturers, processors, and packagers of supplements (and many other things) take proactive steps to ensure that our products are safe, pure, and effective. With GMP regulations requiring a quality approach to manufacturing, we can assure you that our manufacturers do everything to ensure product purity and safety.

Ensuring the safety and quality of our products is our top priority, and we take all necessary measures to minimize the risk of exposure to bacteria, pathogens, and heavy metals during manufacturing. In order to do this, we adhere to thorough quality control protocols throughout our manufacturing facility. These include rigorous third party testing of raw materials for potential contaminants, maintaining strict sanitation standards, and implementing effective hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) systems.

Is WonderCow Colostrum FDA approved?

The FDA does not directly approve dietary supplements, but they do monitor them. So while WonderCow Colostrum powder is not FDA-approved, it is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) and third-party tested to maintain the highest quality industry standards.

The FDA monitors supplements in the following ways:

  1. The FDA periodically inspects dietary supplement manufacturing facilities to verify that companies are meeting specific requirements.
  2. The FDA reviews product labels and websites to ensure functional claims are accurate.
  3. The FDA monitors products to ensure safety.

Does WonderCow Colostrum use growth hormones?

WonderCow colostrum does not use hormonal growth components in the manufacturing of any of our products. The colostrum ingredient utilized for all WonderCow products is sourced from licensed USDA Grade A dairy farms that provide milk for human consumption. WonderCow’s manufacturing facility maintains GMP and HACCP certification.

Is WonderCow Colostrum tested for heavy metals and pesticides?

WonderCow ingredients are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), National Animal Supplements Council (NASC), Low Risk Veterinary Health Products(LRVHP), and the Natural Non-Prescription Health Products (NNHPD) division of Health Canada. WonderCow® ingredients are produced in GMP, HACCP, GMP+ and FDA certified facilities.

The colostrum ingredients used for manufacturing WonderCow colostrum are sourced from Licensed USDA Grade A dairy farms that provide milk for human consumption.

As part of its Quality Assurance Program, every batch of WonderCow Colostrum products undergoes comprehensive testing and evaluation at the processing plant. Part of this program involves the monitoring of products for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides.These tests are conducted by accredited third party laboratories using approved methods.

WonderCow is third party certified that the levels of heavy metals and pesticides in the bovine dried colostrum products manufactured for WonderCow® are below the maximum residue limits (MRL’s) for food.

Is WonderCow ethically sourced?

WonderCow® ingredients are ethically sourced, only collecting excess colostrum after providing calves what they need. Ingredients are collected from USDA grade A dairy farms within the first 24 hours calving, preserving optimum levels of bioactives.

How does WonderCow guarantee the nutrient profile?

WonderCow colostrum is tested for natural live active antibodies. It is never subjected to extractions, conversions, hydrogenations, homogenization, or fractionation processes. These processing methods can detract from the nutrient profile natural to bovine colostrum.

Bovine colostrum is a whole food naturally containing thousands of bioactive nutrients. All WonderCow products are tested to meet natural levels of bioactives, including milk fat globule membranes, immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, oligosaccharides, among others. 

Is WonderCow certified non-GMO?

WonderCow does not use GMO ingredients in the manufacturing of our products. The colostrum used for WonderCow products is sourced from licensed USDA grade A dairy farms that provide milk for human consumption.

Is WonderCow certified gluten free?

WonderCow is certified gluten free. We do not use ingredients containing gluten in the manufacturing of our products.

Is WonderCow tested for glyphosates?

WonderCow Colostrum is certified free of glyphosates. Every batch of WonderCow colostrum is tested for glyphosates and pesticides by third party labs to ensure it is safe for consumption and free of glyphosates and pesticides.

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