How Founder Rob’s Farm Background Molds the Company Today

Apr 28, 2024

Written by Founder Rob Diepersloot

Growing up on a farm has taught me many values that have now become the foundation of WonderCow. From when I was little, I’d get up early to go feed the calves, which is where my curiosity for colostrum started. I studied Dairy Science at Cal Poly and Cornell University to expand what I could learn. I don’t say these to pretend to have a vast education, but I do want you to know that I take colostrum and its nutritional benefits, along with our work very seriously. Which is what brings me to share a little of the behind the scenes with you today.

family sitting on the tailgate of a truck on a farm

Values from growing up on the farm

These values run deep! Our WonderCow team abides by these, and we truly want our customers to experience them.

  1. Be bold in innovation: This is the key to continuous improvement.
  2. Quality always trumps quantity: Never settle for less than the best.
  3. How you do one thing is how you do everything: Do it to the best of your ability.
  4. Serve authentically: Be real, genuine, authentic, and serve those around you. 
  5. Be irrationally generous: It may not make sense at the moment, but God always has a plan. 
  6. Utilize your gifts: Steward the resources that have been given you to help others.
  7. Focus on sustainability: Leave this world better than we found it.

As we continue to grow as a company, these are values that we will stand on. And it’s these values that push us to continue to innovate and bring you the best products possible. 

Through my experience, studies, and connecting with other experts in the world of colostrum (all the way to doctors in New Zealand!), I’ve learned that nature got it right. The less you process colostrum, the more powerful it is as a standalone ingredient. So our team set out with a goal of bringing colostrum back to its most natural state. Here’s what we’ve found, and what we’re changing to further benefit the health of our customers.

Why would we switch our processing methods?

Most of the colostrum powder on the market today, including our original 40% IgG powder, is a concentrated version of whey colostrum powder. This means that fat and casein are removed in order to yield a higher IgG amount. As the industry put a spotlight on IgG, I realized that we were missing out on a ton of good that’s naturally in colostrum! So we set off to find a way to bring a whole, less processed colostrum powder that would be unmatched in the market today. The more we researched, the more we realized that nature got it right. That we need to leave the gold in the liquid gold. That the less we process the colostrum, the more powerful it is. 

What does fat do in colostrum?

Let’s talk about why fat in colostrum is important. By leaving the fat in colostrum, we’re keeping Milk Fat Globule Membranes in the colostrum. These are highly beneficial for the brain and research has shown them to be an extremely good co-supplement on their own. This means that when paired with prebiotics and probiotics, they are able to strengthen their efficacy and impact on the body. Also, layered within the fat membrane are more bioactive molecules! We cannot miss out on the benefits of this milk fat ingredient, it’s too good.

Why did we choose to not homogenize colostrum?

After looking at the various components that were found nutritious to remain in colostrum, we checked out the best ways to process it. The most natural ways. Working with experts, we decided to no longer homogenize our colostrum. Rather than run colostrum through a machine full of tiny holes and beat up all of the valuable fat and bioactives, we learned that homogenization was not necessary. Once this processing step was skipped, we were able to keep the Milk Fat Globule Membranes intact. As said before, these membranes are really beneficial for co-supplementing as well as for brain health.

The importance of casein in colostrum

Then there’s the Casein. While casein can be misunderstood in today’s market, it is actually quite nutritious. Casein is often harshly processed – which is usually what links it to causing a sensitivity. However, when processed gently to uphold its nutritious state, casein is yet another powerful bioactive ingredient.

Keeping the casein in colostrum unleashes an array of essential amino acids and powerful peptides to further support your gut and immune system! Those peptides have so much to offer, and we’re really looking forward to giving you the opportunity to experience the full range of what colostrum can do for you

We’ll go more into the science later (don’t worry, this was just Colostrum 101). Long story short, colostrum is a dynamic bioactive cocktail, where all of the bioactives work symbiotically together to do something incredible. The more bioactives you preserve, the more they are intact, the more powerful the ingredient becomes. 

We’re doing our best – and abiding by those values I mentioned first – to continue to bring you the highest quality of colostrum on the market. Period. 

Live Wonderfully,

Family on calf ranch

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