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Dec 19, 2023

Meet the Doctor: Dr. Erica Manger

“My mission is to have everyone know the potential of their own body. And know that their body is able to heal itself.” 

Dr. Erica Hamburger Manger is a chiropractor and functional MD, also certified in acupuncture. Based out of Nocatee, Florida, she’s been practicing chiropractics for over 19 years. Our WonderCow team connected with Dr. E after she shared how much she loved WonderCow colostrum just a few months after our launch in April 2023. We got Dr. E on the phone (well, a Zoom call) to pick her brain on all things from a doctor’s perspective regarding holistic wellness, preventative wellness, and how colostrum has impacted her (and her patients’) lives.

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Chiropractor treating a pediatric patient smiling

WonderCow: What is your background? What led you to become a chiropractor? 

Dr. Manger: So when I was 18 years old, I had horrible stomach problems. And I had low back pain because I was a track runner. So my dad brought me to his chiropractor for a little adjustment. Within a few visits, my low back pain was gone.

The body is made to heal itself if it’s given the right things.

I thought it was amazing… but then to top it off – I was actually pooping every day. How was this happening? I used to literally ask for Christmas, “All I want for Christmas is to poo again!” because I would only go once a month. I used to have to see all these GI doctors, and they gave me this diagnosis of IBS. So long story short: I ended up seeing the chiropractor, fell in love with the fact that, wow it’s not just helping with that – it’s helping the whole body!

WonderCow: How did all that lead to becoming a chiropractor?

Dr. Manger: I had wanted to be an MD this whole time – I wanted to be a geriatric doctor. So I went through undergrad. When I got to the level of going to med school, I changed my mind at the last second and decided to become a chiropractor. I thought it was a bunch of freaks at first: I’d be like, ‘I have a headache,’ and they’d say ‘’Go get adjusted.’ I was used to just taking Tylenol or ibuprofen. I was raised that if you have a sore throat, you take a sudafed. It was just common practice.

Chiropractor treating child on a table

WonderCow: So you’re saying chiropractic adjustments can fix more than just back pain?

Dr. Manger: Yeah it’s literally just an adjustment, to be quite honest. So I ended up going through chiropractic school, falling in love, understanding the whole holistic side of things and how allopathic medicine evolved through Western medicine. It’s sad because we’re always told, “Take this for this.” There’s so many things you can and can’t say because of Big Pharma.

WonderCow: How did chiropractics lead to acupuncture?

Dr. Manger: So, over the years, I started to see how amazing the power of the body is, when given the right things. So I became a chiropractor, and started seeing patients. While I was doing that, I was seeing an acupuncturist. I love acupuncture. That also helped me with some other stomach things… obviously I had a lot of stomach issues when I was younger. So, I fell in love. As I see patients, I see miracles.

WonderCow: It seems like your practice has expanded a bit – can you tell us about that?

Dr. Manger: I’ve been in practice for almost 19 years, and I specialize in pediatrics pregnancy. Of course, I started to see adults over the years, so I started specializing with them. I got my animal chiropractic certification, so I do animals too. I of course do acupuncture and then I took my board and got certified there, in the foundational and functional types. I’ve always loved it and dove into it but now, I’m diving real hard. So I do a lot of hormone testing to help people with their adrenal overload.

Dr. Erica Manger giving chiropractic treatment to a dog

WonderCow: What does your process of hormone testing look like?

Dr. Manger: I mean, sadly in most functional medicine, doctors just give people thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and I don’t want to do that. I’m very minimalist when it comes to life, and especially with your health. It doesn’t take a lot to make you healthy. 

So I love the old colostrum; it’s a one-stop shop for many things! It helps with so many things on a whole scale. 

It scales an array of… I guess you could say symptoms. It is amazing.

WonderCow: Do you recommend colostrum to your patients?

Dr. Manger: What doesn’t it help with?! So when I tell patients about it, I talk about improving their digestion, and how it improves your skin and your hair. It improves your immune system too. Those three things alone are massive.

WonderCow: What differences have you noticed personally since taking WonderCow colostrum?

Dr. Manger: My energy and even blood sugar feels evened out. Less bloating! My kids got over viruses in no time. I literally haven’t gotten anything! I’ve had three kids, so bloating is something that comes along with the diastasis recti. And even fixing your diastasis recti – you still get bloating. And now I don’t have it anymore! And I show my friends. I’m like, look at my stomach, it’s so flat.

WonderCow: Why do you do what you do in your career?

Dr. Manger: My mission is to have everyone know the potential of their own body. And know that their body is able to heal itself. And I facilitate that through recommendations of supplements or whatever it may be. I want to facilitate that, because once people know they have the power they stop depending on the system, they stop depending on things that are not serving them. 

My big mission though I would say is to get to the kids, the most, because if you could teach the kids, no dying, no corn syrup, start these good changes. I just want everyone to have the best quality of life they can have. Because then you’ll be a happier person and we can spread love and that’s what it’s all about.

WonderCow: Is your last name Hamburger or Manger? 

Dr. Manger: So I married a Hamburger – my husband’s from Austria. I tell kids to call me Dr. Hamburger, because they think it’s funny. I used to go as ‘Manger’ because that was my maiden name, but you can’t forget Hamburger…

WonderCow: What keeps you motivated in what you do to help people?

Dr. Manger: What keeps me motivated would be to see the success of people improving their health. I mean, when I see anyone have these beautiful miracle stories or tell me, ‘I feel like a million bucks’ – yay! We facilitated the healing!. So that motivates me for sure. And my family, I will say that my own kids motivate me to just do the best I can in life.

WonderCow: What’s your approach when it comes to longevity?

Dr. Manger: That is everything. It’s all about quality of life, so you can live to be 100, but if you have a poor quality of life, why would you want to live to be 100, right? 

Longevity comes with a lot of things. Strength is a huge one. Digestive health is everything, because it all starts in the gut. So if we can keep our gut strong, everything else will be. 

It’s the building blocks in a sense, And also cellular level too, Basically, longevity is everything if it’s quality.

WonderCow: How did you find out about WonderCow?

Dr. Manger: I’ll be honest, I have no clue. I feel like divine intervention – that’s literally how I feel about a lot of things. I’m serious. I’m getting so energetically in tune because I touch for a living and I just feel things. I’m not even that person that always peruses stuff, although that silly ad all the time with the [another brand]. That just turned me off, so I started researching myself.

WonderCow: What has your experience been with WonderCow? 

Dr. Manger: So, my experience personally has been my energy and even my blood sugar feels pretty leveled out, which is pretty sweet. I would say that’s the number one benefit. Another would be less bloating. My kids have had these silly little viruses, and I gave it to them, and they got over it in no time. But I literally haven’t gotten anything, and I have so many sick patients coming in coughing, and I’ve gotten nothing! I’m like, ‘It’s the colostrum!’ Not that I get sick often, but the amount of sickness that has come into my office is astounding this year. 

Everyone’s been complimenting me on my skin. I’m 43 years old and a lot of people go, ‘You don’t look 43’ .

I’m like, it’s chiropractics and colostrum. 

WonderCow: Any stories of patients that you’ve recommended it to?

Dr. Manger: My girlfriend took it – she already feels  like her hair is healthier. She was feeling like her hair was really dry and now her hair is not as dry. She used to get gas after certain foods and she doesn’t get gas anymore. My neighbor across the street, 

‘She says WonderCow is the only thing that’s gotten rid of her bloating.’ 

And she’s been dealing with bloating forever, since she moved to America, because she’s from Italy. Even though she buys organic foods and all that. 

Doctor recommends WonderCow Colostrum


So you’ve heard it from us, the WonderCow team, that of course we love WonderCow Colostrum. Here’s a word from an expert out in the world, and why she loves WonderCow and has been recommending it to patients.

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